A page is turned, the "L-Square" shop becomes "Leny Jewelry".

Long established Place du Grand Sablon n°32, the "L-Square" boutique ends and becomes "LENY JEWELRY", born from the merger of the family names of Perrine Leysen and Catherine Lannoye. The new sign will still be located in the heart of Sablon, but at 65 Rue LEBEAU. Perrine and Catherine, creators of the LEAROSE brand, have decided to continue this concept store dedicated to jewellery. With 10 years of experience, they are always looking for new and exclusive collections of costume jewellery, haute couture and small jewellery from Belgium and elsewhere, with the desire to showcase Belgian designers. In this new 60m2 space, Ann Lannoye, interior designer, perfectly reflected Perrine and Catherine's expectations: a warm and intimate decoration in the spirit of the times, in their image. Their workshop will be on site to continue to offer personalized jewelry to customers, repairs or transformations. .

Adress :

Rue Lebeau 65
1000 Brussels

Timetable :

monday 10h-17h
tuesday to saturday 10h30-18h30